Author(s): Charles Spence
Year: 2021

Dr. Charles Spence has studied, revealed, and changed our understanding of how and why we perceive the world the way we do, starting with food. He is the world expert in multisensory perception, and this book reveals the remarkable ways we can use our senses to lead richer lives.

In this fun and fascinating book, Oxford professor Charles Spence shows how our senses change how we think and feel, and how by ‘hacking’ them, we can reduce stress, become more productive and be happier.

Food not only tastes 10 percent better when you use a tablecloth, you’ll also eat 50 per cent more of it. It’s the scent of expensive face cream that removes wrinkles (temporarily). The noise of the crowd really does affect the referee’s decision.

How can the furniture in your home affect your well-being? What color clothing will help you play sports better? And what simple trick will calm you after a tense day at work? By understanding our senses, we can take greater control of our lives.

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