The Secret of Scent

Author(s): Luca Turin
Year: 2007

Luca Turin has done more to further our understanding how we smell than any other researcher. Following his passion to unravel this very complicated mystery, Luca has proven that our shape-based model of smell does not work and shows compelling evidence that our noses use quantum physics to tell one scent molecule from another.

“A rich sensory trip… this indispensable guide to all things smelly is as good as it gets.”—Sunday Telegraph

In this witty, engrossing, and wildly original volume, author Luca Turin explores the two competing theories of smell. Is scent determined by molecular shape or molecular vibrations? Turin describes in fascinating detail the science, the evidence, and the often contentious debate—from the beginnings of organic chemistry to the present day—and pays homage to the scientists who went before. With its uniquely accessible and captivating approach to science via art, The Secret of Scent will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered about the most mysterious of the five senses.

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