Wild Fermentation

Author(s): Sandor Katz
Year: 2003

Wild Fermentation is Sandor Katz’s first book, written in 2003 and updated in 2016, which started many, many people on the path to fermenting their own foods. This is an indespensible resource for anyone who wants to learn about the practice and culture of fermenting foods.

Although the book title suggests a particular type of fermentation (using microbes that occur naturally on foods and in the air), the book also discusses other types of ferments such as miso, kefir, natto, and yoghurt. It also gives some insight into cultural and political topics around fermentation.

The microbiome has become a huge area of interest recently because of its implications on physical and mental health, disease, and longetivy, and the more we learn, the more important we realize it is for us to treat our microbiome well.

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